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So, either my blog post touched a nerve, someone tipped her off or she just has a well-organized campaign but I recieved a call from Delegate Comstock.  I was actually in a meeting and my service manager asked her to schedule a call back.  She was agreeable to that and called the day of the snow storm.  I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with her this morning.

First things first: I thought the Delegate very generous with her time.  I never felt like she had anything else better to do.  That's cool and very unusual.  After all, I'm the Vice Mayor of Manassas, not a state level delegate or senator.  She really didn't need to spend the 45 minutes.  But she did.

She talked for awhile about her state experience and her experience in the various federal administrations in which she worked.  We chatted about her business experience.  I asked some general position questions about her stance on federal issues and we talked in depth about health care, budgets and government shutdowns.  In short, I liked what I heard.  She indicated that she opposed the government shutdown, wanted to replace the ACA with more market-based reforms (and actually had some ideas along those lines) and felt that the budget needed to get balanced.  You can see her new website here.

My summary of the entire thing is that she's a pro-business republican.  She has some business experience and understands what that looks like.  She's clearly pro-life but her priorities are "kitchen table" issues.  I think that this kind of approach is a winning combination for republicans.  Delegate Comstock is who I'll be voting for in the primary.


  1. Maybe the Delegate called because she finds you to be reflective of what is best apsects of the Republican Party.  A man of big ideas, focused on thinking and doing.  Over at CPAC this week, I forget the Senator's name – he is the Chair of the Repulican Steering Committee – said the Republican Party "used to be the party of big ideas" and then went on to state how the Party has turned into a reactive group focusing on a particular issue and deadlocking, wasting time.  I liked that part about "Party of Big Ideas" as that is how I see you as a Republican.

  2. In the interest of geting a fuller picture of Ms. Comstock I submit the following information about her record:

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