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Open Thread

Open Thread – have at it.

What’s ailing Manassas?

Prince William County actually does a citizen satifaction survey every year (pretty sure it’s every year) and use that to help them address weaknesses that citizens identify.  I think that’s a pretty cool idea.  We have never done that in the City but I’ll probably suggest it this year as a way to conduct a survey to hear from citizens that we normally don’t.  As a practical matter, fewer than 500 citizens normally select the republican candidates and about 1,000 vote to elect them in the general.  However, we’re the City Council

However, there’s no reason not to just conduct our own little forum right here!  What do you think is right or wrong with the City?  Do you have a solution?  Only one rule for posting: your solution has to be legal.  Not kinda legal or “should be” legal.  Just legal.

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