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The danger isn't going too far. It's that we don't go far enough.


Soooo….we're gettin' a lot of email about the abortion clinic zoning amendment.  Most of it is in support of the amendment but I'm sure we'll hear from the other side soon enough.  The meeting on the 10th is shaping up to be epic.  I might wear shorts so that I'm comfy!  Hopefully the Mayor will schedule the vote after citizens time so that everyone can be heard.  If you want to email instead the address is  I promise to read whatever it is you send although if it's a crazy wandering screed accusing me of taking bribes from the abortion clinic I probably won't reply.  Not that I've received that email or anything.  As of the last meeting we've already spent $20k on this issue and that does not include staff time.  I'm sure it'll be around $30k by the time we're done.  Twice that if you counted staff time.  Amazing we can find money in the budget for this but not parks & rec, redevelopment or economic development.  We're the only locality in NoVa that has none of these things.  Yay Us!

It is also unfortunate that we're frittering time away on this (it's going to get done either way) as the next meeting is where our new City Manager is going to present his first budget.  That's a big deal.  We'll see what he has come up

with.  He had guidance from Council and the first time the citizens see that presentation is when we see it!  I'm hopeful he has some policy initiatives in there.

On the policy front, I think the new parking districts are set to get done in a month or two.  There will be plenty of people who are unhappy but it needs to happen.  The number of cars licensed in Manassas grew 8% last year.  We didn't add that many houses so….the homeowners in Point of Woods have complained and the Council really hasn't done anything on a policy front about it.  Let's hope the Manager gets this done right and soon.  It isn't going to win me any friends but we need to do it.

Looks like the Manassas GOP is going to have a primary instead of a convention.  That'll be a first.  At least for me.  I like conventions from the standpoint of being able to hear from all of the candidates.  I don't like that people start floor fights over junk that just delays things so the less zealous just get sick of it and leave – games really.  That part I don't care for.  I really didn't like giving my fist speech at a convention.  My legs were shaking so bad I thought for sure everyone could see!  Second time wasn't as trying and when I ran for Mayor it wasn't bad at all.  This time there will be none of that.  The filing deadline hasn't been decided but it's got to be pretty soon – next month or so.  I haven't heard from anyone if they're running or not.  I've had a fair number of people ask me to consider running again but I'm undecided at this point.

I had a root canal this week.  In talking with others, I was prepared for a pretty horrific experience.  Essentially surgery with no anesthesia.  Blood shooting everywhere.  Pain.  Agony.  It really wasn't that bad.  Not that laying in a dentists chair for an hour with a dental dam clipped over your yap is any fun but it certainly wasn't that bad either.  I wouldn't volunteer for it but if I needed another one it wouldn't be the end of the world.  I am getting tired of being able to chew on only one side of my mouth but that'll get better once I get the crown put on.

Happy weekend.


  1. I'm hopeful the GOP will nominate 3 real conservatives and get rid of the rino's.  Aveni would be a good anchor for such a ticket.  Anyone know if a Democrat is going to run?

  2. andy

    March 1, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    I haven't heard of a democrat being interested although Patricia is still around so she might.  BTW, I'm the only RINO that would be effected by the primary.  Mr. Randolph is an indendant.  No clue what his plans are.

  3. "I'm the only RINO"….thanks for the belly laugh you just gave me!

  4. Andy, what was the $20K figure that you mentioned spent on?  Has a consultant been hired or something?

  5. "I'm sure we'll hear from the other side soon enough"….doubtful, Andy, doubtful.  We the few who support the Staff recommendation are few.  As I have said before, most in this City go about their lives and either (a) don't follow what is happening or (b) have given up since "City Hall does what ever it wants to" – a quote from a couple of my neighbors.

    Maybe you should not run again – join the few who sit and argue for policy moving the City forward, and keep thick files on actions which were planned in the right way by others, then executed badly once Council made its resolution.  It's a lonely place, but great coffee is available!

  6. Make the language of Code simple and sensible?  Well, imagine that!  Wonder what the City's would look like if the Feb. 3rd backing of Staff recommendation could make it through?

  7. andy

    March 4, 2014 at 8:18 am

    I wish him all the luck.

  8. Andy,

    Since the council elections will be moved to November, please explain the difference between the primary and the convention which we are familiar with. Also, when will this take place?

  9. andy

    March 4, 2014 at 9:39 am

    @Mo:  a convention is when the party holds its meeting at a certain time date and place.  Normally at Metz for us.  The candidates give their speeches and then everyone votes.  This is what we've done the past 5? times.  

    A primary looks more like the general election.  There is no "meeting".  You just go to the poll and vote.  I don't know when it will be as the party hasn't decided yet.  I'd guess soon tho.

  10. Andy,

    The Manassas City GOP party canvass (firehouse primary) will be held on 4/26 at Metz, during the same hours that the 10th Congressional district party canvass will be held. This much has been decided. What's left to be decided are things like candidate filling fees and deadlines. This would have been decided last night, but the meeting was canceled, due to the closure of City Hall.


  11. So Andy, how's it going with hearing "from the other side"?

    I lay odds and would win the bet the emails and phone calls still back rushing an amendment are many vs. stepping back and doing the full overhaul which are few.

  12. andy

    March 7, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Honestly, the trickle of emails has slowed.  At first it was for and now it's a couple here and there on both sides.

  13. andy

    March 7, 2014 at 8:51 am

    Gman: $20k is for attorneys.

  14. Steve Randolph

    March 7, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Please note the agenda for our March 10th council meeting

    is on the City of Manassas website.

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