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A quick Contest!

A quick contest!  The winner will get two (2) Matrix computer consulting coffee cups.  Here ya go: tell me what the sum total of the General Fund CIP is for the past 5 years.  Just to clarify, this is the amount that the Council has passed at budget time, not the amended budgets.  The amended budgets contain grants from the ARRA money from Uncle Sam.  Just get close.  If the total were $4.2 million and you said $4 million (and you are the closest), you win.  Also, the cups look better than that over there but I'm outta town and it's all I got.

Have at it. 


  1. $4.2 million.

  2. This  is an interesting question.  I get that BS is being tongue in cheek but I'll bite:  I thnk it's a bit higher – $ 8 million or so.

  3. since we haven't spent any big dollars for big projects, probably closer to $2.4 million

  4. I'm gonna use the "Price is Right" showcase bidding strategy, and bid $1.00.

  5. not enough?

  6. andy

    March 28, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    Steve is so close I can't let it go on any more:  it's $0.

  7. This could be used as an another example of how misinformed the citizenry is about CIP spending in Manassas.  I know, it's not as funny as the folks who spoke to council and believed that children would be taught in the police station, but it's just as disheartening.   You're fighting an uphill battle, Mr Harrover, but keep fighting.  You haven't heard the last bike trail joke , but hey, rubber and glue, bro, rubber and glue.

  8. Re Malones [admittedly off-topic, so I won't be offended if not posted…]
    We ate at Malones for the first time this evening. I was very pleasantly surpised and pleased. The setting (including the folks present) were more sophisticated than I had anticipated. The service was humming. Just had apps and salads: I had fried oysters (very fresh, fried crisp on the outside, moist on the inside) and spinach salad; A had french onion soup and and a caesar salad. Oh, and I also had a beer (amber and hoppy). We will definitely return. Further understand that upstairs will be open soon with larger bar and TVs.

  9. I figured it was low but would not have guessed zero. Sounds to me like it’s about time to start investing in our City…

  10. This sounds like a trick question to me.  If it was $0, how were previous projects like the pavilion and streetscapes funded?

  11. Read the question: the Pavillion, etc were built way more than 5 years ago. 

  12. So I win the coffee cups? Sweet!

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