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City Manager Resigns.

City of Manassas, VA . . . City of Manassas City Manager John A. Budesky notified City Council last night that for the sake of his family, he would need to relocate to the Hanover, Virginia area to take part in the health care of an ailing family member.  Budesky announced today that he will take a position in the Richmond area.

The decision to leave the City of Manassas was not an easy one.

“I love the City of Manassas.  It is a tight-knit, passionate community where great things are happening and I had envisioned a bright future here with my family,” said Budesky.  “It was with much regret that I tendered my resignation, but for me, family must always come first.  I leave the City knowing that it is well positioned for long-term success.”

The City Council stands behind Budesky’s decision and will work with him over the next 90 days through the adoption of the budget and the Capital Improvement Plan.  In the next few weeks the City Council will be exploring many options including interim possibilities as well as a long-term solution.  The selection process will be thoughtful, yet expeditious when considering the next City Manger.

“The City Council greatly appreciates Mr. Budesky’s service and respects his decision.  This decision is in keeping with the family-friendly values held by the City of Manassas,” said Mayor Harry J. Parrish II.  “The City Council has enjoyed working with Mr. Budesky, particularly in the areas of visioning and strategic planning.  I’m sure the entire City joins me in wishing Mr. Budesky and his family well as he and his family move forward.  The City is fortunate to have a professional and dedicated staff who will be able to continue to effectively serve the residents of the City of Manassas during this transition.”

During his time with the City of Manassas, Budesky led the City through the development of a Vision and Priorities Implementation Plan, introduced an award winning Capital Improvement Program with City Schools, built bridges with the business community, and introduced a balanced budget consistent with the priorities of the City Council.

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I'm sorry to see John go.  I share everyone's surprise and disappointment but I do support his decision.  Family is important.  I am, however, disappointed that he won't be here to see through the changes he initiated.  Those changes are important and were pursued at the direction of Council so we've got to keep moving forward!  Best Wishes to John and his family.


  1. Having spoken with John on more than occasion about the family issue, I too fully support his decision.  May his legacy be the changes he worked toward are not tossed aside to lay fallow….may the seeds he planted grow into mighty oaks!

  2. I am afraid that his departure may result in a downward slide for us. While his primary reason for leaving may have been personal, my sense is that his decision was also influenced by local politics. This latter factor will make it difficult for us to attract another quality city manager. Sure, we will get many applicants but likely not from a strong, independent manager that we need.
     It is true that council is obligated to provide rigorous oversight. But it is too easy for that oversight to creep over into micromanagement. Even worse is when micromanagement is used as a guise to oppose progress. I fear we have reached that point. 

  3. I too am sorry to see him go. I've had the opportunity to speak with him on numerous occasions, and always came away with an impression of steady professionalism, which is exactly what the City needs in a manager. As someone who had to put "mission first" during my military career, I know how hard the decision can be when faced with a family vs. job choice, because there were times when I was not allowed to make this choice. As far as the politics side of things,  I would imagine that all localities are having to make hard choices, and these hard choices are points of political conflict. I can only hope that our next City Manager is as good as the one we are losing.

  4. All I've seen is a true leader. Sorry to see him go because in less than a year the city's communications have improved dramatically, more citizens are engaged and it seems like there's been a clean sweep in many cluttered corners.  Sometimes people can make more of an impact in a short span that others can in a quarter century. Let's keep making positive changes – that's his legacy.  Our loss is Hanover's gain.

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