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Coffee Friday

We’ll be doing coffee at the coffee at the shop on Main St.  7:30.  Also, open thread if you want to use it.



    Is anyone familiar with ProAct? On the service, it looks
    like something the City of Manassas should look at, especially
    if there is no cost to local government and it would offer benefits
    to a number of our citizens.

  2. Steve, will give Rosemari Walker over at the Area Agency on Aging a call in the morn about it. Rosemari is the Virginia Insurance Counseling & Asssistance Program (VICAP) person and if any one knows the pros and cons about ProAct, she will!

  3. The Prince William Chamber now offers a discount prescription service for members:


    “Romney wins in Iowa by 8 votes.” AP story this morning.

    Reminded me of the May 2002 Manassas City elections where
    a council seat was won by three votes and a school board spot by five.

    Never doubt the impact of your vote.

  5. Does the link below make it look like the Virginia office of AdvancED is part of the Virginia Department of Education? Look at the address that shows up when you click on the link:

  6. Rich…same PO Box as VDOE. At first, I thought they were just colocated in the James Monroe Building since that is a big building…but checking VDOE and it has the same PO Box. Interesting….

  7. Rich, you have a keen eye for detail. Very interesting observation.

  8. Won’t make the coffee session…speaking as Chair of the Commission on Aging at the General Assembly Joint Financial Committees Public Hearing tomorrow out at GMU-Fairfax. Sign in begins at 8am, and if not there early enough, you get beat out by the crowd.

  9. Looks like a local person with a Manassas PO address is one of AdvancED’s “local council representatives.”

  10. Great basketball game tonight!
    OHS (10-0) host Battlefield at 7:30.



    Roanoke is as much a Democratic town as Manassas is Republican with
    only a few GOPers and Independents popping up ever so often in
    the Star City. I don’t remember a Manassas Mayor ever having to
    “tone down his populist antics” before an election.

  12. Andrew Beverage

    January 13, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled today that Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman waited too long to file the lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Virginia and therefore their case is dismissed and they will not on the primary ballot. Romney and Paul will be on the ballot. See CNN article here: The article did not go into this but apparently the Court declined to address the Constitutional challenge to VA’s law by declaring they had waited too long to file the suit instead of going into the Constitutional issue. It also doesn’t say whether the four have any grounds for an appeal to the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

  13. This was posted by Ellen on the previous open thread, where she had invited anyone to come to her home for the meeting with School Board Member Sanford Williams:

    Folks, Sorry about last minute notice, but Mr. Sanford has asked to reschedule for Jan 21. His god-child is having a birthday celebration tomorrow. I had a devil of a time remembering which thread talked about the meeting with Sanford Williams on Jan 14. I kept looking at the wrong site.

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