Know what the worst thing is about quaratine?  I know that a lot of people will saying being stuck inside, missing friends…maybe having to deal with the kids every day all day.  Those people aren't wrong….but they ain't exactly right either.  There is a sight that is more deflating and vexing than anything else out there.  It vexes even the most hardened quarantine campaigner and it's this:

Honestly, when I come down in the morning – you know that I'm a ray of sunshine, right?  Of course you do.  However, there's nothing that will extingush my good mood…make my shoulders sag faster than rounding the corner into the kitchen and being faced with the ever-present sink full of dishes.  I mean, it's never a fun thing to behold but after being in quarantine for 4,000 days it's more than I can bear first thing in the morning.

I don't know where the hell they all come from!  I know we run that dishwasher at least once a day but it never seems to keep up.  Many times we have to run the dishwasher just to empty the sink and by the time the dishwasher is done, we've collected enough dishes to fill the sink again.

I used to love to cook….and I guess I still do but now it's a chore because it's a necessity.  I mean, every day I dream up a menu based on whatever we have.  I try to look on it as a challenge….Instacart has been a lifesaver but I really do miss going to the store to pick out the stuff that I want to cook….where the menu drives the purchasing…

I know, first world problems…..stay safe everyone.