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What Happened tonight?

I've gotten some questions about what happened tonight.  Mainly "Whaaat?  Why aren't you Vice Mayor?".  "Did you get kicked off the Council?"  Briefly, I decided some time ago that making Steve Randolph the Vice Mayor this fall would be a great tribute to his long service on the Council.  I think that Vice Mayor is the only job he hasn't held on the Council!!  I was trying to figure out how to do this when the Mayor broached the subject with me at a lunch meeting.  He was very careful – it's a tough thing to ask someone – but he was very relieved when I admitted that I was actually trying to figure out how to make it happen.  Turns out it was easy!  Just resign and make a motion.

So, that's it.  I'm still on the Council until the end of the year but Steve is now the Vice Mayor and it's an honor well-deserved.  Thanks for your service Steve.


  1. I would point out that it was a unanimous vote of the other Council members to replace you as Vice Mayor. 

  2. Very thoughtful of all involved. Especially Mark. 😉

  3. Cute Mr. Wolfe.  

    Perhaps someone can explain to me why the budget forcast turned into a crisis? You guys could screw up a 2 man parade.

  4. andy

    November 11, 2014 at 7:51 am


    I'm not going to deep dive into the 5 year forecast but suffice it to say that this document is the City Manager's guesstimate as what the road ahead currently looks like.  It may set expectations but it doesn't set tax rates or anything else.  It's his shot at giving everyone a heads up.  I recieved no calls or emails in advance so I'm unsure why 3 members of Council wanted to turn a business meeting into a bargaining session.

  5. Good one, Mark!  Still chuckling over Steve's comment about doing it on a night he is not wearing a tie.  Would have been even funnier if one of you had taken off yours and handed it to him 🙂

    On the Five Year Forecast:  Personally have a couple of issues with it, but overall, kudo to City Manager and Staff for a "planning" document to begin working on a budget.  Kudo to the Mayor for breaking the tie in order to comply with an agreement.  Although, had to chuckle at Mr. Way's statement the "conservatives on the Council" did not have time to put forward alternatives.  Really?  Ok, three working days plus a weekend?  It's a forecast – a numbers drill…not that hard to flip around for alternatives.

  6. Of course, not being in Manassas City politics, I do not know the circumstances of what's happening there, but Andy Harrover, you are a class act.


  7. Allowing me to retire as Vice-Mayor was a very gracious act by Andy.

    Thank you.

  8. Richard- 

    I'm not sure who you mean by "you guys?"

    We had a work session last week where Ian, Jon and I were present. There was no substantive discussion or issues raised beyond the City Managers report. Between then and yesterday there were no discussions regarding issues with the forecast that I was a part of or aware of. When asked by the Mayor last night to elaborate on their No vote, Ian and Marc refused comment.

    Do we have issues with the budget to deal with, absolutely yes. We do every year. But this is a very early forecast with much more data to come in.    


  9. Class act all the way, Andy. Congratulations, Steve.

  10. Class Act as always Andy, and Mr Randolph is certainly deserving, he has always put the needs of the  City and its citizen first.. 

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