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Budget – First Step

The City Manager will present his budget on Monday night. This is what the Council starts with in determining the final budget. The Manager’s budget has been, for the past two years, pretty much flat. I expect we will see much the same this year but I’m not sure. One thing I do know: this year’s budget is going to be very difficult. Hope to see at least some citizens there Monday night.


  1. Sad Story of Manassas Financing Told
    “Those Who Have Tears, Prepare to Shed Them Now”
    Manassas Journal (April 27, 1950)

    Hopefully, it won’t get quite that bad this year.

  2. Four hour meeting last night – overview of budget and revenue
    projections for FY-08/09 – the public was, as always, invited.

    Number of citizens there – beside the council and staff: 1 -Mark Wolfe

    Media: 1 – J/M reporter for, perhaps, 45 minutes.

    Andy has listed the meetings and times – citizens are always welcome.
    Who knows? You might find it interesting or, at least, informative.

  3. I hope the make the work sessions when my work allows. I learn a lot about the budget process and makes me a better informed citizen. There are opportunities for the Council to add and subtract from the City Manager’s budget and citizen input is encouraged (although outside the work sessions.) During work sessions, citizens only listen.

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