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The Election

We are now entering the final throes of the election. Even if you didn’t know the date of the election but were watching TV at all, it would be pretty obvious that the end is getting near. I’ll be honest, I hate this part of the electoral cycle. The candidates start throwing out plans every other day and nobody with half a brain believes any of it and most people pray that none of the plans ever see the light of day after the election.

However, there was an important moment on the campaign trail on Sunday (I believe) and it illustrates why Mac is behind in the polls. The moment involved an older lady who struggled mightily with the accusation but finally got it out that she believed that Obama was a “arab”. Mac very politely snatched the mic away from her and said “no ma’am. He’s just a decent family man that I happen to disagree with”. When i saw that, I saw the guy that came back from the dead to kick ass during the primaries. A decent man who is utterly dedicated to America. A guy that will always do what is best for America. His campaign over the past month has not reflected the man at all and many of his”allies” haven’t helped.

It isn’t too late for Mac to come back and I hope he can pull it off.

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  1. There are many things I don’t like about McCain, but I think you’ve hit upon one of the things I do like about him. McCain had a similar moment earlier in the campaign when one of his supporters, a DJ I think, insisted on referring to Barak Obama by his full name. McCain immediately told both the DJ and the crowd that he would not tolerate that. McCain seems to have a good sense of right and wrong and a willingness to criticize his supporters, essential ingredients in real leadership.

    By the way, McCain seems to have shaved between 2 and 3 points off of the polls in the last week. If he can do that again over each of the next two weeks, he wins. Here in Virginia McCain has picked up about 5 in the last week or so. This is going to get interesting folks.

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