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THE Commercial

Watching the Obama infomercial….

Obama looks tired during the live segment.

Interesting.  Must have cost a fortune. 



  1. I’m sure he is tired. He and Senator McCain have been going at it non-stop for a long time. They both must be sick and tired of campaigning, I know I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing it. Senator McCain is 72! Very impressive for him to keep up this pace. I think Senator Obama did spend a fortune on the show, but he had plenty in his piggy bank. I don’t know that is was necessary though, it looks like he is in good shape in most of the “important” states. It’s nice to see Virginia getting some attention for once. Can’t wait for Tuesday night for it all to be over. ( I sure hope so anyway! Please no repeat of 2000. ) Anybody else miss Tim Russert?

  2. Thoughts? I dvr’d it so haven’t watched yet. But when I saw it in the program guide I was sad to see such blatant buying of an election. Didn’t I see that as of last month Obama had already outspent what both sides spent in 2004, and this month’s spending could make it double by the time its over. And his spending is helping other liberals all down the line, looking like conservatives won’t even be able to fillibuster the senate to hold off the liberal onslaught that is coming for the next four years. Be happy people that we live in a City that is dominated by conservatives (even if they act liberal at times), because at the state and federal level we are in TROUBLE.

  3. Some thoughts:
    – Agree with Joseph Nye on POLITICO that “People perceive
    such ads through their pre-existing mental filters. I doubt
    if it swayed many Republicans, but it may have affected
    some independents as well as energized Democrats.”

    – Think that Virginia should look again at early voting – at least
    in federal elections. Tuesday is predicted to have a record
    turn out with many new voters in what promises to be a
    very close election. We could, like thirty other states, spread
    this out over several days and help the lines become a little

    – Many of us miss Tim Russert – unbiased news and insight
    presented with decency and civility. Plus he had a great
    sense of humor and wit.

  4. CitizenofManassas

    October 30, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    I think it is funny that just in the last week Obama and company have said that if one makes less than 250,000 a year, they will not see a tax increase, then last night Obama said it was 200,000 and last week Biden said for people making less than 150,000 a year.

    The same thing was said in 2004 about long lines at the voting booth. I walked right in a voted in under 10 minutes. It is all hype by the media arm of the DNC to build up their candidate.

    Early voting in Florida shows it about evenly split between Repubs and Dems. Yet, we are told by the media arm of the DNC that early voting and the increase in voter registration is all due to Obama.

    And, yes I do realize Dems like to vote early and often, or at least think that is the way to win, but does it really matter when a person votes? A vote cast early does not count more than a vote cast on election day.

  5. Plus the far left activist groups are sending out emails recruiting “poll watchers” and such for right here in “Manassas City County” (and everywhere I’m sure). They want the electorate to think republicans are going to prevent voters from voting. That way they precondition the public for the outcry they can stir if their savior Obama happens to lose.

    Um, Manassas HAS early voting. Perhaps you missed the blurb about it and how to do it in your last City utility bill flyer? Some people work long hours and can’t get there until late and if they see a long line might give up and not vote. Early (absentee) voting can help reduce lines.

  6. Virginia State Board of Elections news release 10-27-2008

    No Early Voting in Virginia – The Commonwealth of Virginia does not
    have “early voting”. Virginia has absentee voting and voters must
    qualify to vote absentee. Referring to this as “early voting” is incorrect
    and causing confusion among voters. Please to not refer to absentee
    voting as “early voting”. Voters wishing to vote absentee must
    meet one of the 17 eligibility requirements.

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