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Two Things

1.  Osbourn lost last night.  I watched the game with my family and I’ve rarely been more proud of a team than I was last night.  Our fellas had only a couple of days to practice and we were very competitve early on but Hylton was just too much.  I don’t know who that kid was but he’s fast as lightning.  Congratulations OHS, it was a great effort.

2.  I’m recently reminded of one of my two favorite quotes of all time:  George Burns once said: “It’s too bad that all of the people who know how to run the country are busy cutting hair and driving cabs”.  That quote says quite a lot all at once and is more relevant than you might imagine.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I like your George Burns quote…fits into probably my most favorite story which parrallels yours: Seems there was a company trying to sell new forms of pop-up tents to replace pup tents to the Marines Corps. Commandant Gray agreed to listen to the presentation, and the contractor asked the General to bring is experts for a demonstration.

    The day arrived at 8 & I Barracks, and the contractor had the tents which were turned over to a detail lead by a Corporal. The Enlisted Marines proceeded to set up the tents, and when done, the General asked the Marines how they liked them and the Corporal took a quick poll, and said they liked them. When General Gray turned and said the Marines would buy them, the contractor asked him if his experts were available for a discussion. The Commandant pointed at the Corporal and Privates and said: “ask away, their my experts.”

    Nothing like Leadership in Action! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from the Beverages!!!

  2. For everyone, be safe on he roads if travelling. Enjoy your family and friends. Give thanks.

  3. Giving thanks for your blog and wishing you well.

    Are you doing your usual 7:30 am coffee and open conversation at Simply Sweet this Friday?

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