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The Media

I am, if nothing else, a creature of habit.  I do the same thing every morning: I get up at 5:30, drink a glass of water, make coffee, fire up the TV for background noise and get on the computer.  I read the NY Times, the WSJ, The Richmond Times Dispatch, the Roanoke paper,, some IT Websites and then Facebook.  It takes about an hour.  Then I make breakfast – again – the same thing every morning: a single fried egg (whole, not that egg white crap) on whole wheat English muffin with turkey sausage.  Yes, I'm a weirdo.  I don't tell you this to somehow embellish my intellectual credentials.  No, I pass that along just to give you a little background.  

I've watched this election through the lens of these many media outlets and one in particular has bothered me: The New York Times.  I'll admit, I love the Times.  It has great writers, a great food section and some truly amazing people write there.  They report on things that nobody else is talking about.  However, as this election progressed, I really began to feel that the Times migrated from reporting on the Republican process to sniping at it.  I played along for awhile – it really was a 15-ring circus after all.  However, when Trump was nominated that sniping turned to full-on assault.  It's part of the reason that they missed the "Trump Quake".  They were so invested in defeating him they were blind.  Indeed, I'd argue they contributed heavily to Hillary's loss.  Sure, their editorial page has been left-leaning the entire time but if you actually read the Times the staff stuff was good.  That changed this time around – they forgot their mission.

Take, for instance, their headline this morning:  "Democrats, Students and Foreign Allies face the reality of a Trump Presidency"

Now, it's not wrong but contrast that with the Wall Street Journal:  "A New Political Order"

The first is all boo-hoo special snow flake and the second is a statement of fact.  Someone needs to take the helm at the Times and help Make Them Great Again.  Newspapers and reporting are crucial….just crucial….to the health of our Country.  Look, I don't feel that Fox was ever "fair and balanced" either but Fox is always going to be Fox and TV is a different media than print.  The Times – and our other great newspapers – doesn't have that luxury.  They need to do hard reporting – the kind that roots out corruption and helps our citizens understand what the hell the politicans and our other leaders are doing.  They need to get it together.

While we're on "The Media", in talking to people about this election cycle almost everyone decried the lack of a local paper.  Did you know, for instance, that the Land Use committee of our very own City Council has decided to initiate a Comprehensive Plan update that could add somewhere around a THOUSAND condo's to the intersection of Euclid and Liberia?  Do you think traffic is bad on Liberia now??  

My point in bring that up is not so much to beat up politicians (although they may deserve it) but it's this:  Who knew that happened?  Is there a way to make some sort of news site on the internet with a handful of volunteers?




  1. FYI, I have voiced (and voted) a big, HELL NO. about this proposed development since day one. 

  2. You're right about the lack of coverage.  There was more news about the Kline Property (PW Parkway & Liberia) and the issues there.  And, at least initially, that mess the County is letting to be built across from Davis Ford.

    As for Antique Way, we could get into a long discussion on how some mindsets are for gentrification of Manassas City.  You'll note not one, not one new project even mentions an affordable housing set-aside. But then, hey, the City doesn't need to have one since we can all afford to live here.

  3. With a full slate of candidates for all elected offices except for the Mayor's race, it surprises me that this wasn't a topic of discussion during the election cycle, a condo complex at Eastern Motors current location would be disasterous. I believe it demonstrates two things: 1)Information about our City, Schools and Neighborhoods are there but not as easily accessible as they should be and that in a enlightened society is unacceptable. 2) the overwhelming need for a local Manassas City Newspaper or electronic comparable.

  4. Does not seem like a place to dump in a lot of new condos and traffic. I think anything like that would run into some headwinds. I'd have to see whatever proposal comes forward, though. 

  5. "2) the overwhelming need for a local Manassas City Newspaper or electronic comparable."


    It's in the works!

  6. I think that was a year ago and nothing came of it. But to your point, yes more knowledge would help everyone. 

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